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Professional Loan Packaging

A professional loan package serves the same purpose that a resume does. It introduces you to the lender, funder, or equity investor. It's your initial calling card and a lender will either look at it or immediately ignore it. How your proposal is packaged matters.
80% of loan submissions are never seen because:

  1. Improperly Formatted
  2. Doesn't contain the information a Lender wants.
  3. Weak Or Missing Executive Summaries.
  4. No clear exit plan

A Professionally prepared loan package has numerous benefits:

  • It conveys your seriousness about your request and separates you from the crowd of applications.
  • Faster approval process
  • Higher loan amounts
  • Lower interest rates
  • Flexible repayment terms\
  • Higher LTV'S- Above 80% Norm

As you can see, a professionally prepared loan package has numerous benefits.

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Pre-Underwriting Services

A Pre-underwritten loan is one that has completed the preliminary underwriting process before being offered to potential lenders.

This means that the lender has assessed the borrower's creditworthiness, income, and other relevant factors to determine their eligibility for the loan.

As a result, pre-underwritten loans typically offer a quicker and more streamlined application process, as much of the required information has already been reviewed and verified.

This can be beneficial for borrowers as it saves time and provides them with a clearer understanding of their loan options before formally applying.

For The Lender, a pre-underwritten loan package is easier to review, contains key ratios and indicators, is well organized, and contains 1 file with no attachments. Collectively, the package is easier to review.

For The Borrower, it identifies any weakness in the proposal so the borrower prepares to address those weaknesses during the Lender interview. Additionally, the Borrower can use the pre-underwriting report to negotiate with the Seller.

For The Seller: The report provides credibility and can be used to negotiate with the seller. Lastly, should the deal fall apart for any reason, the Borrower can Sell the report to the Sell to assist the Seller in selling the property.

Benefits of a pre-underwritten package is it makes it very easy to negotiate the terms you desire.

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Deal Analysis Service

Let us review your offers, on commercial properties with and for you.

We offer this Premium service as a way of meeting new clients and adding value to our potential clients.

Before you sign a contract or place earnest money down on a property, let us take a look at it and give you our feedback.

This service is 100% Free and you have nothing to lose.

Call us today for a free evaluation and consultation.  404-590-3677.

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Commercial Loan Packaging-PLUS -Large
Commercial Deal Analysis-Large

We help Investors To "Invest"!

Whether it's new construction financing for a specialty property or if you need a custom financing program based on your unique situation, we can assist you!
Commercial financing and deal structuring are all we do and we do it very well!


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