Commercial Bridge Loans: Local Lender For Short -Term Financing

Hard Money Loans for Commercial Buyers

Business owners, trusts, corporations and private partnerships often secure hard money loans for their commercial property needs. These private money loans, which can be used to rehabilitate or pay off mature notes on commercial properties, are often known as bridge loans or gap loans.
As a hard money lender corrospendant with years of experience in the commercial lending sector, we understand the needs of business owners and investors. We will work with you to make sure that your commercial hard money loan meets your needs and offers the best rates at reasonable terms.

Commercial Hard Money & Bridge Loan Parameters:

Property Types: Industrial, office, retail, apartment complexes
                 (5+ units), shopping centers, restaurants, mixed-use,
                 automotive, hotel, special purpose, land, gas stations,
                 and specialty properties.

Loan Amounts: $100k -$20,000,000

Term : 6 months to 20 years – interest-only, partially-amortized, and
            fully-amortized loans available.

Loans Available To: individuals, trusts, corporations, and limited partnerships

Bridge loans are used as a temporary source of capital until a more traditional source can be secured.

Bridge loans are used in commercial real estate for a whole host of reasons, including: starting a business, making payroll, expanding a product line, buying out a partner, or buying the time necessary to improve a property or stabilize it sufficiently to refinance or sell.

A bridge loan provides investors, real estate professionals, and business owners the capital and time needed to get from point A to point B in their journey to profitability. A bridge loan can also provide small business owners with short-term working capital that banks are unwilling to offer.

Traditional lenders are limited to providing capital under a strict set of conditions. We are not bound by those restrictions, and can provide bridge loans backed by the equity in a property to meet any number of requirements.

We also offer bridge loans to small business owners that need fast money on property that is held free and clear or with substantial equity. Our bridge loans maximize your flexibility, enabling you to build, purchase, or rehab commercial property.