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"You have helped me to fill an important niche in achieving my client's land financing objectives. As traditional Lenders have exited the market, you opened have opened a door to new opportunities. Thanks for being who you are"

Kalvin Ranker

Thanks to your team, I am now excited to start new projects knowing that you are there to educate and guide me along the way. No matter what the challenges are, you have all ways been there to navigate the complexities with me. Thanks for being who you are and for doing what you do so well!"

Ronald Jackson

"I was unaware of what it really took to get my deals done. Sam took the time to explain to me every detail and documents required to get my deals done. I understood real estate financing, but I didn't understand the components for a successfully closing. I have done 4 deals with you and am working on my 5th one. You guys are simply awesome".

Michael Austin
Apartment Investor 


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We understand that every minute counts for your time-sensitive scenarios. We have a proven track record of closing real estate loans faster than anyone else. Call us now at 404-590-3677 if you have an urgent scenario.


We Are Broker-Friendly

We set the highest standard for reliability and performance, which is why we are loved by brokers and borrowers alike. Go beyond banking, and come find out why people chose us for their private financing needs.

We get the job done when
the banks can’t or won’t.

We are real people providing direct unlevered private capital to moneymaking opportunities that would otherwise fall through the cracks when clients need it most.


Borrower: no income, financials, or credit requirements. Foreign investors, ITIN borrowers, trusts, LLCs, and IRAs are all welcomed.

Properties: special purpose, churches, vacant buildings, cannabis facilities, dilapidated properties, and unqualified real estate

Time: 1031 exchange deadlines, urgent COEs, loans coming due, and time-sensitive escrow

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With thousands of opportunities funded across the United States, we have the expertise, experience, and empathy to work with businesses or individuals who need a lender that knows your business and neighborhood.